Taptopay Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System

Faster transactions. More affordable operations. More efficient collection. 澳门老葡京的交通解决方案TapToPay通过自动收费(AFC) system that can cover bus, rail, ferry, road toll, parking, fastfood establishments and convenience stores.

AFC系统可以增加城市的便利性,改善城市形象. 它可以扩大交通系统和机构的客户群, 因为终端用户自然会倾向于让他们的生活更容易的解决方案. 总而言之,AFC系统使一个城市变得更美好.

There are multiple components for an AFC system , and we develop all of our technologies in-house. 澳门老葡京的系统使用户能够使用非接触式技术在全市范围内支付商品和服务. 这不仅减少了与处理现金相关的风险和成本, 它也为商家提供了一个更好的记录管理和精简的平台, meaner operations.

AFC系统通常能提高交易的透明度和效率. For further details, please visit www.taptopay.com.

Who may put up an AFC system?


Clients may be from the public or private sector. They range from city planners and government agencies, to transport operators looking to increase efficiency. TapToPay 正在简化非洲、南美和亚洲部分地区的交通运输.

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